About Roy Holman

Basically, I teach what I want to learn!  I have found yoga, meditation, reflexology, hands-on healing, workshops, and retreats to be very helpful in my own personal healing, so I teach what has worked for me. I am passionate about teaching (and learning), helping people to heal old wounds, and awaken to our true passion, purpose and power.  I have tremendous faith in our human potential, when aligned with our inner essence. My goal, in short, is to help us remember who we are.

I have lived abroad for over five years, including travels around Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia in 1986, and all around the globe in 1988, from Western Europe across the former Soviet Union, and through China. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1991 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.  I then joined fact-finding delegations to Central America, and ended up living in Guatemala for almost three years doing human rights work, refugee work, teaching, and researching the effects of US policy.

My volunteer work has included:  Intern for Assemblyman Sam Farr, Intern at Resource Center for Nonviolence (California), Student-teacher for at-risk youth in Santa Cruz, CA., Yoga Teacher in Seattle, and Big Brother in Everett, Washington.  My current volunteer work includes Hike Leader for Everett Mountaineers, and doing a weekly commentary for Everett's KSER community radio 90.7FM (every Thursday morning at about 7:25am).

I discovered yoga and rediscovered meditation in 1995, at a very challenging time in my life, when I was beginning the inner work, struggling to heal old wounds.  Yoga and meditation helped me ground, center, and calm myself.  I'll never forget the feeling after my first yoga class - it was a revelation!  I was hooked.

I am a Certified Yoga teacher, in the Viniyoga tradition. I completed a two year Hands-on, Heart-centered Healing course in Seattle in 1998, then completed a Meditation and Healing teacher's training course in 2000, and was also ordained as a minister. I am also a Certified Reflexologist.
I have studied various styles of yoga over the years, and have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001.  The style of yoga I teach is a very grounded, traditional hatha yoga.  I call it "Feel Good" Yoga, because I simply teach what feels best to me and my students.  I also try to incorporate the many aspects of healing I have learned into my classes, so I often refer to the style of yoga and meditation as "Integrative Yoga & Meditation", incorporating breathing (pranayama), grounding, insight, devotion, and healing or stress release.  Some of my favorite yoga poses are Warrior I & II, tree, bow pose, plough, seated forward fold, soaring hawk (flying locust with arms wide), and happy baby!

One of my favorite joys in teaching is seeing the look in the students' eyes at the end of class, or after a reflexology session, or during one of our retreats - the look of someone who has gotten a glimpse, or memory of who we are, or simply a moment of calm reassurance, a rejuvenating break from our hectic life.
My spiritual belief system is simple:  I see Spirit / God / Divinity in everyone and everything, from looking into my cat's eyes, to walking in an old growth forest.  This is what yoga is all about - union or integration of body, mind, and spirit.  Ultimately, we are all connected, and made up of the same sacred energy, and the sooner we remember this, the sooner we will create a more peaceful world.

Roy Holman
1917 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201

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